Widefield School District 3 - Prechools

So far there is only one preschool in the Widefield School District 3 area. The information for this school was borrowed from the Widefield School District 3 website, which you can visit here. You may also visit the district website for a full list of schools in their district.

WSD3 Preschool
Picture credit: Widefield School District 3
Address Main Phone
209 Leta Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80911 -
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(719) 391-3375
"The WSD #3 Preschool Program is an instructional model designed to integrate tuition-paid peers with children having special educational needs or meet Colorado Preschool Program eligibility criteria. The philosophy of this integration is to provide modeling and interaction, and to ensure an enriching experience for all. Children develop language, social, self-help, motor and preacademic skills while engaging in play exploration and teacher-directed large and small group activities." - WSD3 Prechool

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